Time, money and effort

Time, money and effort

Time, money and effort

There is a certain irony in running a small business that does not always become apparent until you actually run one: You are a limited resource and deciding priorities on where to focus your time is key to being productive

Deciding small business priorities: Time, money and effort

You are regularly off balance. You rarely have the resources to do the job well, you are always behind in something, there is always an uncertainty to worry about and of course, it takes time, money and effort, to reduce the time, money and effort of running the business.

And its time, money and effort that are in short supply.

But understanding how to break through your current level of business and get to the next level is the most important thing any small business owner needs to learn.

Whether you want your business to remain small and simply grow in profitability or whether you want your business to grow to the next stage, the business you run will need a step change in order for it to happen.

Step change for small businesses

A step change, by definition, is one that makes a significant change.

It is when the line on the graph stops looking like a gentle incline and begins to resemble a staircase. Whether the staircase is a step up in profitability or revenue or a step down in costs, it is a discontinuous change and these changes don’t happen by themselves.

Why not share your own experiences and help someone who is currently in that cycle of uncertainty? Whether you sell a service or a product, what worked for you?

At Omni we are great believers in sharing and helping, it really is amazing what you can achieve when you don’t mind who gets the credit!

At Omni we see many business performances, and what is certain is that if you want to make a step change in your business, the first thing that you have to realise is that it may somehow involve the internet.

It may be about marketing or ecommerce. Or it may not. It could as easily be about productivity, customer happiness, new sources of goods, new type of distribution, enlarging your catchment from local to global. It could be discovering partners, new routes to market or outsourcing core activities.

In truth it could touch any part of your profit and loss statement.

Call us today to discuss your plans for the future of your business – we are here to guide and advise you to make the changes that could help take your enterprise to a whole new and exciting level!