How to gain referrals for your business

Relying on word of mouth, and gaining business through referrals from others is a sure-fire and cost-effective way of keeping advertising overheads down and work flowing.

But have you ever actively gone out of your way to ask for referrals?

Do your clients even know that you are seeking referrals?

It may seem an unnatural thing to do at first – asking others to recommend your services to friends, colleagues and acquaintances. But once you’ve cracked it, there should be no stopping you! At Omni Chartered Accountants, a large part of our client-base is referrals – here’s some hints and tips from us!

Top 10 Tips on how to gain referrals for your business

  1. Gain a referral attitude
  2. Set a referral vision
  3. Create your perfect client profile
  4. Who are your best clients?
  5. What characteristics do they have?
  6. What sector do you like to work with?
  7. What professions do you like to work with?
  8. What needs wants and challenges do they have that you can solve?
  9. Until you feel comfortable in asking for referrals you are missing out on ‘Grade A’ clients!
  10. Try different approaches – what about putting “by referral only” on your marketing literature or business cards for example?

Referral self-development cycle

How to gain referrals for your business

How to gain referrals for your business


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