Is self-discipline a common trait of successful business people?

Is self-discipline a common trait of successful business people

Is self-discipline a common trait of successful business people?

Success just happens, right?

We all want to get somewhere in life and in business. We have aspirations, goals and dreams. But why is it that only some people are able to get there?

Is it because of luck, circumstance, or talent?

Depending on the person it could be a combination of these elements.  The one common theme that does come up when conversing with successful people is discipline. Whether it’s a business person growing an organisation or a self-employed sole trader building a small business, discipline is the one element they all have in common.

Discipline is a fundamental element in obtaining goals, dreams and desires.

Discipline is what keeps us going when times are tough and not going our way. It makes the bad times easier to get through. We must constantly practice, repeat, and believe in our purpose.

Given this knowledge, why do so many individuals leave self-assessment until the last minute?

Don’t leave your self-assessment until the last minute

The end of January may seem like a long way off right now but it will come round quicker than you think. Our advice would be to get your return done as early as possible.

How to avoid HMRC fines

The earlier you start to do it, the more time you have to check that you have everything to complete it, as you may find for instance that you do not have all the interest statements you need. HMRC won’t hesitate in fining you if there are mistakes in your tax return. The last thing anyone needs is a wholly avoidable fine from the tax man.

For many people, filing an online self-assessment return is a straightforward process. However, if you are unsure about the information you are submitting, don’t be one of the almost one million people caught out each year.

Omni Chartered Accountants can help you for as little as £95.00 – call 01902 837 408 and take the Omni Challenge today to see how much we could save you by managing your accounting affairs!

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