Is public trust in British business still dangerously low?

Is public trust in British business still dangerously lowPolling and Research Company research YouGov has just released their findings following its recent survey regarding public attitude towards business.

The results do not make for happy reading.

Some six years on from the financial crisis, trust in corporate Britain remains at worryingly low levels. Asked how much they trusted various sectors and professions, the public revealed the extent to which trust between business and customers has been eroded.

Whilst 81% trust teachers and 89% trust nurses, only 49% trust managers of small firms. Entrepreneurs are trusted by just 30% of the public.

What are your own experiences and thoughts? Is trust affecting your business?
Is public trust in British business still dangerously low?

In this new economy, a positive trust rating is highly prized by both buyer and seller. Transactions are humanised and social media allows experiences – good or bad – to be shared locally and around the globe.

Addressing the lack of trust in business should be a priority for government, policy makers and, of course, for business owners themselves.

The price for not addressing this will be the emergence of a society that risks turning permanently against its wealth creators, and a society that goes down that road will very soon face a number of serious challenges.

A new economic system based upon trust, transparency and accessibility is one we at Omni strongly believe in.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. If you are a business owner, how do you build trust with your clients? Is the interactive way in which we all research our purchases and decisions a good or bad thing?

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